Saturday, 4 April 2015


This is the last day of my detox week. It has been a long day full of temptation and - I have to confess, I was not able to resist...
This is my final report at the end of my detox week.

Preparing for Easter

On the picture above is my Braided sweet bread with poppy seeds and damson jam, what I made today. It's smell filled the house - you know how is it when a yeast bread is baking in the oven... It is heaven... Yeast sweet bread is one of my weakness and I had to try a small piece. So when my sister came over for tea - I had a little piece. 
So the lesson learnt - do not bake your favourite food while you are fasting.
Apart from this I have done it well. I know I did not ruin all my previous effort with this little mistake at the end. At least I hope so...
So, yes I did it again. I feel much better and more energetic. However, I cannot wait to eat a properly cooked meal. Tomorrow I will make a lovely mushroom lasagna for lunch, yum.
And I think I am ready for the traditional Easter ham on Sunday morning :-)

Today we painted Easter eggs with the girls, and they look really lovely.


Happy Easter everyone!

By the way, the recipe of my Easter braided bread with poppy seeds and damson jam is here.

Detox week - day 7 report

Breakfast: two wholemeal toasts with yoghurt
Snack: fresh fruits (apple, mango, orange)
Lunch: Green salad (ice salad, spinach, celery, red onion, tomatoes) with olive oil and white wine vinegar dressing and one boiled potato.

Snack: 1 grapefruit

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with two slices of wholemeal toast spread with a bit of butter.

It a bit strange, but I do not have a "hurray" feeling at the end of this year's detox week. I think I could go on with diet. I did not miss meat at all, the only thing what I miss a nice warm meal, and
the emphasis is on "something warm". 
I think, next year I will add new elements to my detox meal plan - like more natural cleaning ingredients (like ginger), I will include smoothies and different types of herbal teas into my diet.

Summing up

I have lost about 2 kg, I feel much lighter. My digestion is much better, and I feel I can trust my gut again :-) The result is visible on my skin (I helped my skin to renew applying regular peeling).
The other benefit that I re-adjusted the amount of my fluid intake. So I drink about 2,5 litres fluid a day - at some point of the last week I had even more.
I do not plan any weight loss in the near future, but I am sure that maintaining my current weight will not be a problem.

And tomorrow morning a lovely cup of coffee latte will steam next to my breakfast plate... :-)

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